Lufthansa Airlines: Good Option for Families?

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January 31, 2023
The second largest airline in Europe (in the number of passengers carried), Lufthansa is an excellent option for non-Europeans travelling to Europe.
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My family travels to Brazil often and for our last visit to Rio de Janeiro, we chose to travel with Lufthansa. Stopover flights are always more tiring, but overall the itinerary with Lufthansa was convenient, well-priced, and the total journey duration was short enough.

For context, we are a family of four, two adults and two children. We have travelled to Brazil with TAP Portugal, Iberia, KLM, and finally, with Lufthansa. 

On that basis, it’s fair to say that we have enough knowledge to properly assess Lufthansa’s services (both at the airport and in-flight).

How was our experience with Lufthansa?

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Interior of the Lufthansa Airbus A380-800. Image: Lufthansa.

We checked in the day before our trip and didn’t have to pay extra to book seats. We managed to stay together on all four flights between England and Brazil.

The service at the airport was quick, friendly, and stress-free, which is exactly what we expect from any airline, but often don’t get.

The aircraft that left Heathrow airport was much smaller than the aircraft that took us from Frankfurt to Brazil. The seats were cramped and didn’t recline, and the flight was full, but luckily it was a short journey. 

The flight from London left on time, we were apprehensive as we only had 90 minutes between this flight and the connection to Brazil. However, as it was in London, their services were efficient and we made the flight without any problems.

Frankfurt airport is huge, easy to find your way and even has a playground to entertain the children.

The aircraft that took us to Brazil was impressive, an Airbus A380-800, with two floors, super modern and quiet.

We were placed in seats with plenty of legroom, and next to the restrooms. The seats were very comfortable this time, and Lufthansa offered everything you come to expect in long-haul flights like pillows, blankets, headphones, and individual screens for each passenger.

They had free wifi, which was rather slow, only allowing you to send and receive text messages on Whatsapp. Anything that required more data such as photos, videos, or voice messages, didn’t work properly. There was an option to buy a faster internet pass for those who wanted, but we were happy to disconnect for a few hours.

They served dinner and breakfast, and the food was delicious. The best in-flight meal we ever had in economy class. Flight attendants were attentive to the children, always asking if we needed anything.

The return journey was the same, good service, punctuality, and easy connection in Frankfurt.

Do we recommend Lufthansa?

One of the best airlines we’ve ever used. The whole experience with Lufthansa was very positive for our family, so it is no surprise that we continue to use them.

Our rating for Lufthansa’s economy class is 5 out of 5.

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