Coppa Club Tower Bridge: Dining with a View

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January 31, 2023
Regarded as one of the most charming restaurants in London, the Coppa Club has a beautiful view of the city’s landmarks.
Coppa Club Tower Bridge London, England - Travelr Magazine

The restaurant became famous through social media and is currently popular with influencers from all over the world. The transparent igloos allow you to enjoy the view of the river, whatever the weather.

Coppa Club’s popularity means that reservations are required for any day of the week as the restaurant is always full and there are long waiting lists.

How to reserve a space at Coppa Club?

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Coppa Burger and Fries at the Coppa Club in London, England.

To book one of the tables, choose the day, time and place you want as the chain has two units in central London. We opted for the most famous one close to Tower Bridge.

There is the option to choose outdoor or indoor tables as well as igloos.

To book an igloo, a deposit of £120 is required, which is non-refundable but will be discounted from the bill.

For the other tables, a £10 per person deposit is required, also non-refundable, to secure your reservation.

How is the service at Coppa Club?

Coppa Club em Londres, Inglaterra - Revista Travelr
Enjoying the Coppa Club Tower Bridge in London, England.

We visited the restaurant to celebrate my birthday and it was disappointing. The place was packed, there were not enough employees to properly serve everyone and we had to wait for our table, even with a reservation.

As soon as the table became available we were directed to it, however it was still dirty and full of dishes from previous customers.

We placed the order and had to wait much longer than we considered reasonable.

Our beers were warm and the portions were smaller than those we are used to getting from similar restaurants in London, even though the prices were higher than most places.

With the main course it was the same; unappetizing burgers. Once finished, we still waited for over ten minutes to pay and leave.

Would we recommend the Coppa Club Tower Bridge?

Despite our negative experience, I recommend visiting the Coppa Club.

The restaurant was busy when we visited and staff levels were simply not enough to maintain a good level of service.

Even with all the inconveniences, it is worth enjoying the beautiful decor and location but bear in mind that you may need to be patient with the speed of service.

Our score for the Coppa Club is 3 out of 5.

For reservations and more information, visit their site.

Picture of Jessica Soares - Travelr Magazine
Editorial Travelr